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Why 1000-Lb Best Friends’ Vannessa’s Pink Hair Makeover Shocked Fans

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Vannessa Cross from 1000-lb Best Friends is shaking things up. She shocked fans when she revealed her bold and vibrant new hair color on Instagram.

Vannessa Cross from 1000-lb Best Friends is enjoying a whole new lease on life, and her creative hair makeover is getting noticed. Her recent weight loss has helped to her to feel happier and more confident. Her weight held her back from living the life that she wanted, and now she is making up for lost time. For the first time in a long time, she is having fun and trying new things. She decided to update her look by dying her hair pink, to the surprise and delight of fans.

Vannessa shared that after her she lost her husband, she was in a dark and depressing place. As the stars of 1000-lb Sisters do, she had a lot on her plate and didn’t know how she would manage everything on her own. It was difficult for her to find the motivation to do anything, and she didn’t know how to move forward. This tragic event exacerbated her struggle with weight and addiction to food. She had grown accustomed to sitting on the sidelines as her life passed her by. Vannessa knew that she had two teenage sons that needed her, and she desperately wanted things to change. Despite her apprehension and fear, she faced the challenges head-on, with humor and perseverance.


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Through it all, Vannessa never lost her spark, as she kept making others laugh and bringing joy to those around her. Now that she has come out on the other side, she has found the strength to make herself happy again. The “1000-lb” star was shining in the new photos that she shared on Instagram, and proudly showing off her new hair color, as seen in the screenshot below:

Vannessa Cross 1000 Lb Best Friends pink hair 3

Fans were shocked to see a new, bold and spontaneous side of Vannessa. Reactions were mixed, as some fans missed her blonde locks, while others were obviously a lot more excited about her new hue. One user wrote, “It’s good to try new things! It’s cute, but I like you as a blonde!” None of the comments were overly critical or judgmental, as the majority of fans were happy to see that she was branching out and trying new things. Many fans felt that the fun color suited the “1000-lb” star and allowed her to express herself. One user wrote, “Vanessa you’re beautiful inside and out. Love the hair!” Similar sentiments were expressed by a lot of her followers, some of whom said that she looked gorgeous and encouraged her to keep smiling.

No matter her hair color, those who appreciate Vannessa seem to be very proud of her. The “1000-lb” celeb has turned her life around. and put in the time and dedication to make it happen. Her heartwarming attitude and positive personality have made her a fan favorite. She has inspired viewers by sharing her story and overcoming adversity, even when it seemed impossible. Fans are excited that she is happy and experiencing all that life has to offer, since she has been through so much. There is no doubt that fans want to see more of Vannessa if 1000-lb Best Friends returns for a second season.

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Source: Vannessa Cross/Instagram


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