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Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Teaser Trailer Gives First Look at Anime Return

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Warner Bros. Japan and anime studio Bones have released a brand-new teaser trailer for the upcoming, highly anticipated third season of Mob Psycho 100.

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The latest trailer doesn’t show off too much of the new season, but does confirm that many of the original cast from the first two seasons of the series will be coming back for the third season, which is set to premiere sometime in October 2022. Those cast members include:

  • Takanori Hoshino as Serizawa
  • Atsumi Tanezaki as Tome Kurata
  • Uki Satake as Tsubomi
  • Ayumi Fujimura as Ichi Mezato
  • Toshihiko Seki as Musashi Goda
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya as Tenga Onigawara

Check out the new teaser trailer for Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 below:

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“Kageyama Shigeo, a.k.a. ‘Mob,’ is a boy who has trouble expressing himself, but who happens to be a powerful esper,” reads an official synopsis for the series. “Mob is determined to live a normal life and keeps his ESP suppressed, but when his emotions surge to a level of 100%, something terrible happens to him! As he’s surrounded by false espers, evil spirits, and mysterious organizations, what will Mob think? What choices will he make? The anime based on the original story by ONE, the idol of the webcomic world and creator of One-Punch Man, is coming your way with animation by leading animation studio Bones!”


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