Exclusive Video Premiere: Bob Margolin is ‘Steady Rollin’ On’


    Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin is a name that rings through the annals of blues history, and loudly still today. From his time as Muddy Waters’ right hand to his solo blues work as guitarist, producer, award-winning journalist and more, Bob has seen and done it all.

    True to his name, Bob’s newest Vizztone Label Group single finds him “Steady Rollin’ On.” And true to form, he is living blues history and rollin’ on with style. Played raw and chaotic on solo electric guitar, the lyrics reflect both his life and personality. 

    ABS is proud to bring you the exclusive video premiere of “Steady Rollin’ On.”

    Bob Margolin

    “Steady Rollin’ On” Single – Choose Preferred Service

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